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IT Vets USA is your industry partner for U.S. Government Contracts. 

IT Vets USA is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in identification and fulfillment of Small Business Set Aside requirements for Federal contracts within all government sectors (Education, Healthcare, Homeland Security, etc.).


Our Services

Our Commitment and Service to you

We bridge the gap between private industry and U.S. Federal Government contracts.

Partnered Solutions

As a certified SDVOSB we can partner with your company to fulfill U.S. Government procurement contracts. 

For Large Manufacturers

We identify SDVOSB organizations that help meet small business set aside government contract requirements.

Direct Sales

& Service

We provide all computer related products  & services.

Hardware to software, CPU's to UPC's. 

Collaboration Solutions

Identify, build and solicit contracting opportunities across multiple organizations. 

Contracting Solutions

We communicate with acquisition, contracting and procurement personnel to assist with Subpart 19.5 - Set aside regs for small business.

Veteran Support Services

We assist small VOB's in working with larger companies on Federal Contracts.

Our Vision

“To collaborate with U.S. manufacturers in order to provide 100% American made IT products.”

Federal Contract Spending Topped $681,000,000,000.00 in FY 2020

$68B was required to go to small business companies. It was not met...

Because not enough small businesses identified themselves and participated in the contracting process. 

There's a Federal contract for every type of business. Goods or service. 

Is your company interested in U.S. Government contracts?

Do you need a SDVOSB industry partner for your goods or services?


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